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Expectations increase about the costumer service in social networks.

Users have high expectations about the costumer service in social networks but they demand more efficiency regarding trademarks.

Costumer service has been seriously affected by social networks when changing paradigms boosted by users’ ´habits and the way they interact with trademarks.

According to a recent report developed by Oracle, users and costumers have high expectations about the costumer service regarding companies. It shows how users evaluate the availability to get different channels for it, emphasizing social networks and a more effective and direct answer.

Given Facebook`s dominance within the social media landscape, it is not surprising that the 46% of users think that companies should provide their customer support  through social networks. Expectations for Twitter are significantly lower; only the 17% of respondents think that this service should be also offered in these companies. A 29%, Besides Facebook are the corporative blogs and a 27% corresponds to forums.


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