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Tablets rise as an e-commerce device of choice.

According to a study by mobile ad network Jumptap and comScore, 63% of tablet computer owners have already used their mobile device to make an electronic purchase as opposed to only 31% of smartphone owners. This means that tablet computer owners are now approaching the figure of 83%, the percentage of PC owners who have made electronic purchases.

When considering the 18-34 age group, the percentage of tablet owners who have made purchases is even higher, at 79%. The study also found that males are considerably more likely to use mobile devices to make purchases than females.

Nearly twice as many men used smartphones to shop online as women, while in the case of tablet computers the difference narrows to 67% and 55%. The most popular product categories for mobile commerce were event tickets and daily deals, clothing and accessories, travel and physical books, video games or movies, electrical appliances, flowers, gifts and toys, photo printing, etc.

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