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According to Mozilla, their combined report income for 2010 was $123 millions dollars (90, 4 millions Euros) up roughly 18 percent from 2009.

The document is divided into different sections detailing how Mozilla functions as well as a number of initiatives and some questions requested by users and reporters regarding Mozilla Foundation and the 2010 financial results.

It is confirmed that in 2010 the company increased 90, 4 millions Euros, a 18% more from 2009. Its increasing results are generated after having been formed alliances with partners as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay, among others. Companies and people have given donations to Mozilla as well as financial investments.

Mitchell Baker, president of Mozilla, pointed out that the success of Mozilla is due to the deep respect for human dignity and users· sovereignty Internet has.

It just works for users and its success lies in people are not a network that companies could trail, monetize or sell. We are recognized as real and individual human beings living all the aspects of our daily digital life getting rich and full of emotions."

On Mozilla website you can find the complete annual report translated in many languages, Spanish included. Videos could be downloadable as well as the auditory document referred to 2010.

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